Truck Repair

& Maintenance

Over 34 Years Of Quality Service

Full-Service Truck Repairs & Maintenance

To help you keep your diesel trucks running properly at all times, we offer a number of services that are carried out by our professionally certified and trained technicians who have years of experience working on all different types of domestic and import vehicles.

Our Technicians are equipped with the most advanced diagnostic equipment in the industry to ensure that your vehicle is being serviced correctly and efficiently.  We provide on-going training to our technicians with in-house training courses combined with hands on experience.

We are your local ArchOil dealer for all oil additives, fuel treatments, fuel system cleaners, and other various oils and greases.

ARCHOIL utilizes nanoscience solutions to meet the most demanding lubrication challenges and also address the latest developments in corrosion control and fuel enhancements for transportation, marine, industrial, and heavy equipment.  ARCHOIL has a wide range of formulations that address lubrication and fuel-related challenges that are present in modern diesel vehicles.  Changes in diesel equipment design such as the introduction of post-combustion particulate filtration systems (DPF) and hydraulic-electric fuel injection systems (HEUI) as well as the introduction of biofuel and ultra low sulfur diesel blends mandate progressive solutions to overcome these new types of problems.

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