We Change Your Oil Quickly and Efficiently

Looking for an oil change in Chatham, ON? You’ve come to the right place! Our team of talented technicians is able to change your oil quickly and efficiently, using only the highest-quality oil which is best suited to your vehicle’s engine. We work on a wide range of vehicles, including trucks and large heavy-duty RVs, so we have the knowledge and tools handy to be able to change your oil effectively and make sure that your vehicle runs in the best condition possible. You can make yourself comfortable in our cozy waiting room while you wait for your oil change, although the natural speed and efficiency of our mechanics team mean that you shouldn’t be waiting too long before you can drive away again!

Working with both fleets and individual customers

Many of our customers are companies with small-to-medium-sized fleets, meaning that we have the resources at our disposal to be able to service a large number of vehicles. When working with fleets, we can schedule maintenance services in advance, keeping their vehicles in top working order and minimizing downtime in their businesses. Because of our busy schedule working with so many fleet cars and trucks, we are not usually able to accommodate walk-ins and we advise that you book an appointment with us 3-5 days in advance to avoid disappointment. Our convenient status tracker system allows fleet managers and individuals alike to track the progress of our repairs and maintenance via pictures, videos, SMS, and email messages. This allows our customers to plan their schedules around our work, making their lives a little more convenient while they are without their vehicle.

We provide more than just oil changes!

Although our company specializes in oil changes, we almost provide a whole host of other services for vehicles and trucks in Chatham, ON. All of our additional services are performed in a professional, affordable, and timely manner, with our team constantly striving to achieve 100% customer satisfaction as we continually further our already-stellar reputation.

If you require them, ATW can provide you with a free shuttle service, free loaner car, and after-hours pick-up/drop-off. We also issue 24 month/24,000 mile and 36 month/36,000 mile warranties, giving you the ultimate peace of mind when you drive off our lot!