We Have a Long History in Chatham, ON!

A Unique and Exciting Atmosphere!

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ATW Automotive Services, in its first form, was opened as “Ray & Ralph’s Garage” in 1983, with the two current owners (Ray and Ralph) being the only employees in the then-small auto repair shop. As the business grew, Ray’s wife Jenny began to help run the business and John Timmermans joined as an additional partner with Ray and Ralph. Taking their initials as inspiration, the 3 then renamed the business to “ATW Automotive Services” in 1985 and moved to a larger location which included a truck department. Around this time, Ray Wolting (the lead entrepreneur) expanded our shop into the Alternate Fuels Conversion industry, meaning that vehicles could be modified to run on natural gas or propane. ATW eventually went on to open a Natural Gas refueling facility and a second warehouse was opened to help with running this aspect of the business and the Truck Service department, which had grown exponentially by that time. ATW ran over 2 locations in this way for nearly 30 years, although the owners decided to combine the buildings back into one location (50, Irwin Street) as they approached retirement and sought a simpler life! The one shop was redesigned and renovated to accommodate both automotive and truck repair services in the same 8,000 sq. ft. warehouse, with additional office space also being built. The space now houses 5 bays for the automotive department and 2 very large bays for the truck department. The ATW Automotive Services team is now comprised of 6 licensed technicians, 4 managers, and 3 owners, making us one of the biggest auto repair shops in Chatham, ON!

Our shop has recently been renovated, featuring state-of-the-art auto repair technology and additional office space for our team. We have a cozy customer waiting room up front, where you can relax or chat with a member of our friendly team. We are planning to expand these spaces in the near future, looking to hire a Parts Advisor and simultaneously soundproof our offices and waiting rooms from the noise in the shop! Although we are currently a little short on space, we enjoy the camaraderie that being squashed in like sardines creates, and we look forward to expansion in the near future!

We have a laid-back yet professional feel

Our team of fully-trained technicians works very hard, so we try our best to keep things light here at ATW Automotive Services! Every Thursday we provide lunch for all of our employees, so if you stop by on a Thursday afternoon you might find us munching on Domino’s Pizza or Ray’s famous home-made burgers and sausages! We are one of the most welcoming auto repair shops in Chatham, ON, and we hope you feel at home here!

Meet The Team:

Ralph Aukema

Owner (Automotive)

John Timmermans

Owner (Truck)

Ray Wolting

Owner (Alternate Fuels)

Ashley Wolting

Business Administrator

Corey Wolting

General Manager

Rob Sluys

Automotive Service Advisor

Real Belanger

Truck Service Advisor