733 Park Avenue West, Chatham, Ontario
PH: 519-354-6978, FAX: 519-354-6919
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday

For further information about automotive or light truck repairs, e-mail Ralph.

For further information about heavy vehicle or hydraulic repairs, e-mail John.

ATW Automotive's Comprehensive
Service and Repair Facilities

Inside ATW Automotive Services large service and maintenance facility. All sizes of vehicles can be accommodated.

Regular maintenance (an oil change) being completed on a light duty truck.

Scheduled maintenance on this heavy duty vehicle includes a complete service of the hydraulic lifting gear.

Servicing the hydraulics and associated components.

A mechanic removing the radiator as part of an cooling system repair.

The owner of this vehicle complained of a "miss". A mechanic locates the cause.

Sometimes a larger vehicle allows a mechanic easier access for service and repair.

On the other hand, occasionally you need a long reach to do the job.

The massive brake system components on a heavy duty vehicle.

Repairing the air brake system of a truck requires going underneath the vehicle.

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