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A Natural Gas Vehicle Fill Up in Pictures

1) Pulling up to one of four  natural gas fast fill units at ATW Automotive's natural gas fuelling station.

2) A fast fill unit with it's card lock system.

3) The fueling nozzle at the fast fill unit.

4) The cap taken off the automobile's natural gas fill block, located in the engine compartment.

5) Placing the nozzle on the fill block.

6) The nozzle is connected to the fill block by turning the lever to the left (counter clockwise).

7) The fueling nozzle is locked in place by rotating the lever clockwise. No need to hold it in place!

8) The fast fill unit is activated by inserting your fuelling card and typing in your PIN.

9) The card insertion slot and the numeric keypad for the PIN number on the fast fill unit.

10) Turn this handle on the pump clockwise, and fueling begins. When the natural gas has been dispensed, just follow the steps in reverse to disconnect.

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