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A Natural Gas Vehicle Conversion in Pictures

1) This late model Chrysler Intrepid is being converted to dual fuel (gasoline and natural gas) in this photo story.

2) Under the hood at the start of the conversion process.

3) Brackets for the natural gas cylinder installed in the trunk.
Natural gas lines are put in place from the trunk to the engine compartment.

4) The natural gas fill block and shut off valve is added under the hood, and connected to the gas line.

5) The three stage natural gas regulator goes on next.

6) The electronic natural gas control system module is installed (in this case under the dash of the Intrepid).

7) The fuel selector switch and natural gas gauge are installed on the dash.

8) The engine intake system after conversion, with the natural gas-air mixing unit installed.

9) The natural gas cylinder installed on the brackets in the trunk.

10) The main feed line from the cylinder to the engine compartment.

Natural Gas Conversion  

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