Where is ATW Automotive Services?

733 Park Avenue West, Chatham, Ontario
PH: 519-354-6978, FAX: 519-354-6919
50 Irwin Street, Chatham, Ontario
PH: 519-355-1146, FAX: 519-355-1383
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday

ATW Automotive Heavy Truck Service and Krown Rust Control located on the west side of Irwin Street, just south of Riverview Drive.

ATW Automotive Auto and Light Truck Service and Gaseous Fuels located on the north side of Park Avenue West, just west of Kiel Drive.

The auto and light truck service and repair facility is located at 733 Park Avenue West (shown on the map as the twin red rectangles). Gaseous fuel service and natural gas conversions are also carried out at this location, and all emission testing is performed at this branch of ATW Automotive, with the exception of diesel vehicles. The natural gas fuelling station is adjacent.

The heavy truck repair and service facility (the single rectangle on the map) can be found at 50 Irwin Street, just off Riverview Drive West. Krown Rust Control is also located there.