733 Park Avenue West, Chatham, Ontario
PH: 519-354-6978, FAX: 519-354-6919
50 Irwin Street, Chatham, Ontario
PH: 519-355-1146, FAX: 519-355-1383
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday

ATW Automotive Services was first established as Ray and Ralph's Garage Ltd. on Queen Street in April of 1983. John Timmermans became a partner in 1985 and the company was renamed ATW Automotive Services. The company also relocated to a new facility on Park Avenue West.
The company has continued to grow, including the alternative fuel market (natural gas for vehicles) and heavy duty truck and hydraulic systems repairs. An additional building was added to the facility in 1989. The company has converted approximately 2,500 vehicles to alternative fuels during the last fifteen years. A natural gas refueling station was added on ATW Automotive's site during the last decade. A second location was opened in 2002 at 50 Irwin Street, for heavy truck service and Krown Rust Control.

Original Grand Opening Name Change
Facility Enlargement Refueling Station Opening

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