Ontario's Drive Clean

Steps in the Inspection Process* (please read the explanations below)

* The vehicle must have a Gross Vehicle Weight of 4,500 kg or less.
** A vehicle may be rejected for the initial test if it does not have a gas cap or catalytic converter, is emitting excessive smoke, or for safety reasons. Repairs to correct these faults are NOT included in the REPAIR COST LIMIT.
*** To take the retest a vehicle must be returned to the same DRIVE CLEAN FACILITY within 120 days of the initial test, and completed and properly endorsed EMISSION RELATED REPAIR DATA FORMS (Serviced Items and Recommended Items) must be provided. The first two retests cost $17.50, subsequent retests cost $35.00.
**** A CONDITIONAL EMISSIONS INSPECTION REPORT is issued when the REPAIR COST LIMIT requirements have been met, under these conditions: a DRIVE CLEAN FACILITY repair technician has completed the necessary EMISSION RELATED REPAIR DATA FORMS; repairs have been completed after the initial test within 60 days of the current retest; the vehicle was taken to a DRIVE CLEAN FACILITY and repairs costing up to the REPAIR COST LIMIT to reduce vehicle emissions were done including diagnostic tests, parts and labour, but not taxes (it is possible that no repairs were done because nothing that costs less than the REPAIR COST LIMIT can be done, or emission related repairs under the REPAIR COST LIMIT were completed and the next repair would make the total cost more than the REPAIR COST LIMIT, or emission-related repairs over the REPAIR COST LIMIT were completed at the owner's request.
Note that the
REPAIR COST LIMIT does NOT APPLY to: replacement of missing gas caps or catalytic converters, repairing a vehicle rejected or test aborted because of excessive smoke, repairs covered by a manufacturer's warranty, emission-related repairs undertaken prior to the initial test, or to a buyer who wants to license a vehicle for road use (ownership transfer where a Safety Standards Certificate is required).  

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