Ontario's Drive Clean

Photos of the Inspection Process
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drvclean22.jpg (6966 bytes) The Ontario Test Unit or OTU. drvclean07.jpg (9258 bytes) Exhaust probe on the OTU.
drvclean08.jpg (8293 bytes) Gas cap testing adaptors on the OTU. drvclean04.jpg (13011 bytes) The dynamometer.
drvclean05.jpg (6762 bytes) The dynamometer control console. drvclean23.jpg (11384 bytes) The vehicle to be tested is tied down on the dynamometer and the OTU is placed adjacent.
drvclean09.jpg (10249 bytes) The inspector chocks the non drive wheels after the vehicle is placed on the dynamometer. drvclean03.jpg (11143 bytes) The RPM Probe is positioned on the hood to sense the engine RPM.
drvclean24.jpg (10339 bytes) The RPM Probe readout is checked for stability on the OTU. drvclean25.jpg (6939 bytes) The exhaust probe is placed in the exhaust tail pipe.
drvclean15.jpg (10402 bytes) The correct gas cap testing adaptor is chosen for the vehicle. drvclean20.jpg (13355 bytes) The vehicle drive wheels on the dynamometer before testing begins.
drvclean18.jpg (8982 bytes) The vehicle's systems are pre-conditioned by maintaining 40 km/h until correct temperatures are reached. drvclean19.jpg (12554 bytes) The dynamometer spinning at approximately 40 km/h during the pre-conditioning process.
drvclean17.jpg (12724 bytes) The inspector uses a remote control to operate the OTU during the test. drvclean21.jpg (10566 bytes) The inspector operates the OTU from behind the wheel of the vehicle.
drvclean14.jpg (8125 bytes) Ray Wolting, one of the certified inspectors at ATW Automotive. drvclean13.jpg (14520 bytes) The accreditation badge
drvclean16.jpg (10432 bytes) The OTU reports that testing is complete on the vehicle. drvclean10.jpg (8572 bytes) The OTU communicates with the province's central computer after testing is completed.
drvclean06.jpg (9913 bytes) The OTU reports that communications have been completed successfully. drvclean12.jpg (6984 bytes) The vehicle's emissions inspector report is printed at the end of the test.
drvclean11.jpg (8379 bytes) PASSED! The inspector signs the vehicle's emissions inspector report.

Drive Clean

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