Ontario's Drive Clean Program

Ontario's Drive Clean is a vehicle emission testing program to reduce smog and its harmful effects on the air we breathe. Under the program, designated vehicles must pass a clean air test. Those vehicles failing the test must be repaired and retested.

Car, trucks and buses are the single, largest, local source of smog-causing pollutants in Ontario They release nitrogen oxides (NOx), volatile organic compounds (V0Cs) and microscopic dust particles that react together in the presence of sunlight to create smog.

There are mandatory testing and repair programs like Drive Clean across North America. They help ensure that vehicles are maintained according to each vehicle's emission standards. Even though most vehicles being built today have cleaner technologies and tighter emission standards, they can become heavy polluters if they are not property maintained.

Drive Clean will make a difference.

When fully implemented, Ontario's Drive Clean program will cut smog-causing pollutants from vehicles by up to 22 percent in the program area.

Ontario's Drive Clean program is concerned with helping us make smart choices about the way we maintain and drive our vehicles. Driving clean can save you up to 10 percent in annual fuel consumption and prolong the life of your vehicle. But more importantly, you will be doing the right thing for the air we breathe.

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