733 Park Avenue West, Chatham, Ontario
PH: 519-354-6978, FAX: 519-354-6919
50 Irwin Avenue, Chatham, Ontario
PH: 519-355-1146, FAX: 519-355-1383
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday

Ralph Aukema
Manager, general repairs
and service for automobiles
and light trucks.
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John Timmermans
Manager of technical service and repair for heavy duty trucks,
natural gas refueling, and Krown Rust Control
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Ray Wolting
Manager, natural gas operations,
and conversions for automobiles
and commercial vehicles.
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ATW Automotive at 733 Park Avenue

Facilities include the reception area, car and heavy truck service bays and the gaseous fuels conversion building

ATW Automotive's attractive reception area

The natural gas refueling station at ATW Automotive. The station is available
to the public 24 hours a day by use of a pre-approved card lock system

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