733 Park Avenue West, Chatham, Ontario
PH: 519-354-6978, FAX: 519-354-6919
50 Irwin Street, Chatham, Ontario
PH: 519-355-1146, FAX: 519-355-1383
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday
E-Mail: ATW Automotive, Natural Gas Conversions at ATW Automotive, or
Heavy Truck Service & Krown Rust Control at ATW Automotive

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Our Heavy Truck Service and Krown Rust Control facility is located at 50 Irwin Street, Chatham

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ATW Automotive Services has been extensively involved in the alternative fuel industry since 1985. We offer quality gaseous fuel conversions for many types of vehicles, including cars, light trucks, buses, and fork lifts. We have a card lock operated, public natural gas vehicle refueling station, open 24 hours a day, adjacent to our conversion facility.
ATW Automotive Services also offers full service and repair for cars, light duty trucks, heavy duty vehicles,  and hydraulic equipment.
Emission testing can be performed on all cars, light duty and heavy duty trucks. ATW Automotive is an accredited testing and repair facility for both heavy duty diesel and gasoline fuelled vehicles.

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